Information aboit the Corona Virus


Rehearsals of the Collegium Musicum Hochschulchors und -orchesters cancelled until 19. April 2020 (included, as of 13. March).

The recotrate of RWTH Aachen University announced the cancellation of all non teaching-related events until the 19th of April in order to minimize and reduce the spreading of the Corona virus. This includes also all rehearsals of the CM Choir and Orchestra. We thabk you for your understanding, that these meassures are necessary and no rehearsals can take place and the start is postponed until said date.

Furthermore, any privately organized (musical) gatherings, e.g. quartetts, duets or similar gathering, even in small groups, are prohibited in RWTH rooms.

Affected are all ensembles that rehearse at RWTH. Concerts ior other events, up until 19th of April 2020 within RWTH rooms are cancelled and will not take place. For further information, please contact the respective organizers or board members.

As soon as the rehearsals may be resumed or there are further information on the continuation, the respective organizers will contact you through mail.

As soon as the semester has been planned according to the current sitiation or new information about the current situation arises, you will also receive the information.

Test playing in order to join the CM Orchestra cannot take place. Replacement dates may be published when the situation changes. There will be no admission of new singers into the choir this semestre.

For more information about the Corona Situation at RWTH, please visit: