Leisure Activities

  Jan Noah Seemann, Dominik Schaefer und Sandra Hoffmann (orchestra) Copyright: © Kelvin Hoffmann Jan Noah Seemann, Dominik Schaefer und Sandra Hoffmann (orchestra)  

Over the past couple of years we have continuously expanded our duties and responsibilities: In addition to planning and organizing the legendary parties that are held after our concert performances, we also design and coordinate numerous great leisure activities for our Collegium Musicum choir and orchestra members.

To name just a few: We typically participate in all the major RWTH sports events, such as the Lousberglauf and Campuslauf running events or we take part in exciting cooking/dining events modeled after rudirockt. Beyond that, we also come up with interesting and diversified programs to round out our rehearsal weekends. In past semesters, this included, for instance, going on torch-lit night walks or watching the German team’s football matches in the World Cup or European Cup as a group. We take pride in organizing the annual Collegium Musicum Christmas party and we offer great weekend camping trips to the nearby Eifel region.

All of these activities and events are open to both choir and orchestra members and in addition to our weekly after rehearsal meetups, they are simply the best opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Not only are the leisure team’s efforts of great importance with respect to integrating new members, but they are immensely valuable in building Collegium Musicum's team spirit.

Members of this comittee are: Sandra Hoffmann, Dominik Schaefer und Jan Noah Seemann (Orchester).