Public Relations

  Enno Breukelman, Jan Noah Seemann and Dominik Schaefer Copyright: © Kelvin Hoffmann Enno Breukelman, Jan Noah Seemann and Dominik Schaefer   Jan Bauer und Enno Breukelman Copyright: © Kelvin Hoffmann Jan Bauer and Enno Breukelman

In addition to the contact to the various orchestras in Aachen, we also maintain the exchange on a European level.
The CM is listed as a partner orchestra in the European Network for University Orchestras (ENUO). In June 2021, we had the opportunity to present ourselves there as Orchestra of the Month.
We are also an associate partner in the meets project, which aims to promote musical and transversal skills in international exchange.

Besides this direct communication between the ensembles, it is our concern to make our music audible. For this purpose, we present the work of the Collegium Musicum in detail on this website and social media channels. In the run-up to the concerts, we also take care of the printing of flyers and posters so that the ensemble becomes visible on Aachen's streets around this time.

In this committee are: Dominik Steinberg and Jan Bauer (choir) as well as Enno Breukelman, Dominik Schaefer and Jan Noah Seemann (orchestra).