Collegium Musicum Profile

  Picture of the orchestra Copyright: © Collegium Musicum  

The Collegium Musicum ensembles consist of students, assistants and professors who meet up once a week to rehearse the program for the concerts. The concerts take place at the end of the semester - in the summer the orchestra and choir generally perform together, wheras in the winter term they give separate performances.

Shortly before the concerts, there are "Probenwochenenden" (rehearsal weekends), on which not only the pieces to be performed at concerts are practiced intensively, but which also give the musicians an opportunity to socialize and strengthen their team spirit.

Collegium Musicum was founded in the winter term 1952/53 by music-loving students, assistants and professors in the form of a "Kammerorchester," or chamber orchestra. Rudolf Bremen was chosen as musical director and he not only conducted the orchestra with a lot of passion, but he also expanded the Collegium Musicum's activities.

In 1958, Collegium Musicum was expanded by the choir. In 1989, Fritz ter Wey took over leadership of the student orchestra. He was able to expand it to a symphonic orchestration. When ter Wey received an offer to lead the choir at the "Musikhochschule Detmold" he left the Collegium Musicum ensembles. Hub. Pittie from Maastricht was chosen as his successor in 1995. For almost 20 years, he acted as musical director of the CM. He was succeeded by Ernst von Marschall in 2014. From 2017 to 2019, Raimund laufen has been the lead conductor. Since summerterm 2019 Tobias Haussig is the new University Music Director of the Collegium Musicum.