Musical Direction


Tobias Haussig is the conductor of the Collegium Musicum choir and orchestra and thus the university music director of RWTH Aachen University. He is primarily responsible for selecting and rehearsing the concert programme and leads the weekly rehearsals. He also shapes the long-term development of the Collegium Musicum and represents it in musical matters. He is assisted by the musical assistants as well as the representatives of the student administration.

Maria Regina Heyne is the choir's voice coach. At the beginning of each rehearsal, she leads the warm up and gives the choir valuable advice for a good technical performance. As the rehearsal progresses, she conducts personal singing exercises in an additional room with small groups of singers from one voice group. In this way, she ensures the individual vocal development of the ensemble members.

The musical direction is completed by the external lecturers Ingeborg Stijnen for the choir. They lead selected rehearsals of the entire ensemble or individual groups and thus broaden the musical horizons of the ensemble members.