Academic Management


Professor Thomas Gries

Professor Gries with a carbon fiber violin Copyright: © Collegium Musicum Professor h. c. (MGU) Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt. Ing., University Professor Thomas Gries

Head of Collegium Musicum's academic management is Professor Thomas Gries in his role of academic director. As Senate Commissioner, he represents the entire ensemble before the university administration and the Senate, a particular goal being to maintain or even expand the financial resources allotted to Collegium Musicum. His team is there to help him handle the regular tasks.


Moritz Kampmann

Moritz Kampmann portrait Copyright: © Collegium Musicum Moritz Kampmann

Moritz Kampmann is Professor Gries’s right hand man in all matters. Among others, this includes tasks such as the preparation of a responsible financial plan with the help of accounting, the approval of everyday expenses, and having regular communications with university administrative departments. He works on clearing away any administrative hurdles that students working on a voluntary basis may encounter and tries to provide them with the best possible conditions to implement their ideas and activities. He also leads and supervises the conductors' four assistants responsible for orchestra and choir, and he is always available to answer any procedural questions they might have or to give them general advice.


Melanie Crumbach

Melanie takes care of accounting and processes all invoices and payment transactions. She also manages all contracts for services or sponsorship and she is responsible for executing all procurement transactions. In addition, she and Moritz together monitor that Collegium Musicum is compliant with the budget approved for the semester.


Academic Management History

Year Academic Director Ensemble
1952 – 1956 Professor Helmut Schepp First chamber orchestra
1956 – 1980 Professor Helmut Döring Choir
1965 – 1980 Professor Friedrich Schlögl Orchestra
1980 – 1999 Professor Helmut Faissner Choir
1980 – 1999 Professor Klaus Möller Orchestra
1999 – 2014 Professor Edmund Haberstroh Choir and Orchestra
since 2014 Professor h. c. (MGU)
Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt. Ing.,
University Professor Thomas Gries
Choir and Orchestra