Student Administration

  Daniel Brockmann und Annika Wolf Copyright: © Sebastian Nagel Daniel Brockmann und Annika Wolf   Colin Klein und Alexandra Bach Copyright: © Kelvin Hoffmann Colin Klein und Alexandra Bach  

Assistants to the Conductor

The assistants to the conductor hold the executive positions in Collegium Musicum’s student management team. In this role, they are responsible for coordinating and organizing rehearsals, concerts, trips and social events for one of the largest student initiatives in North Rhine-Westphalia. While the various committees work largely independently in their respective fields, it is the assistant conductors’ task to coordinate and monitor their work. Furthermore, it is their job to make sure that the lively volunteer culture and solid administrative basis of Collegium Musicum is set up for maxiumum success and secured in the long run. All members of the student administration team are happy to listen to the concerns of each and every one of the ensembles’ members and to represent them vis-à-vis musical and academic directors.

In this way, a sustainable and future-oriented development of the entire Collegium Musicum ensemble is ensured that – in close cooperation with academic and musical directors – also makes it possible to broaden and expand the musical culture at RWTH Aachen University.

In both orchestra and choir, this executive position is jointly occupied by two individuals. Current student volunteer teams:

Orchestra Alexandra Bach & Colin Klein
Choir Daniel Brockmann & Annika Wolf