About the Choir

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Winter Concerts 2023

This Winter Semester the choir will again give its two customary concerts


The Collegium Musicum Choir

The choir is currently formed of more than 160 singers who come together every week to sing and perform music.
Together with the Collegium Musicum Orchestra, the choir forms the official musical ensemble of the RWTH Aachen University. Most of us are RWTH students, but some of us work at the University, or participate because of our passionate for singing. We all enjoy this great opportunity to share our love of music and escape the occasional stresses of everyday life.

Our choir is divided into the four classical vocal groups of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. People of all different ages, backgrounds, and interests meet and develop an expressive and exciting concert program.

Besides frequent and dedicated practice, socializing and leisure programs are also part and parcel of our choir. Our diversity is reflected not only in our musicians, but also in our colorful repertoire. Each term we develop a new program and every other term this is created together with the orchestra, meaning that twice a year a fresh, musical breeze is felt in the Aula 2, where all RWTH's major music ensembles are rehearsed.

The choir not only performs grandiose sacred oratorios like Verdi's Requiem and moving motets such as Bach’s "Jesu meine Freude", but also modern compositions like Whitacre's "Five Hebrew Love Songs" or some of Stopford’s works. The choir always likes to take on a new challenge and keep rehearsals varied.

While the choir's diversity and revival continue to develop, it is still a traditional university choir, based on the principles of the love of music and community. We welcome new members with open arms and invite you to check out the sounds and atmosphere during our rehearsals in the hope that you will join us and become part of the CM Choir!

Our current program can be found and listened to in advance.