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  Collegium Musicum on stage at Theater Aachen Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

Collegium Musicum on stage at Theater Aachen


What makes us special

The RWTH Collegium Musicum is one of the first "go-to” places for musically inclined students enrolled at any of the Aachen-based universities. Counting about 160 members in the choir and 70 members in the orchestra, the Collegium Musicum is among the largest ensembles in the greater Aachen region. The ensemble looks back on a long history.

In addition to the regular rehearsals and concerts at the end of the semester, the activities of Collegium Musicum also include participation in RWTH Science Night, performances at openings of institutes and award ceremonies or participation in the "Aachener Chorbiennale." Read more about our performances here.

An important part of the rehearsal work is the rehearsal weekend and also lecturer rehearsals. These additional rehearsals are essential for the final concert preparation and help us meet our own as well as our listeners' expectations. To finance such special rehearsals and special concert events we need your support!

What we offer to you

With our concerts we reach not only students but also many citizens of the city region who are interested in culture and the performing arts. Concerts in the city center, such as in Coronation Hall at Aachen City Hall, make the ensemble an integral part of Aachen's cultural landscape.

To our supporters we offer the option of placing an advertising message in our publications as well as getting assigned honorary seats at our concerts. The print materials include elaborately designed programs, flyers and posters. We would also be pleased to put together a special, personalized offer for you. This could, for instance, include musical performances by the RWTH Carbon Fiber Quartet or the Choir.

Have we been able to interest you in Collegium Musicum and would you like to support us and the music culture at RWTH as a company or as a private person?