Summer 2021


Joint fundraising concert

Orchestra and Choir in a riding stable Copyright: © Christoph Becker

On the 24th and the 25th of July in 2021 the Collegium Musicum presented a variety of different songs in an open-air-concert for a good cause.

Due to the circumstances, the semester started with digital rehearsels from home. Only in June the first presence rehearsels began, however with a lot of precautions such as small ensembles and physical distance between all musicians. Yet, all musicians involved were more than happy to be able to make music together and to prepare a concert for an audience. In only a few weeks the diverse program had been put together.

Initially, the concert was planned to be open-air and to take place at the 4 Linden-Hof. Due to rain on the day of the concert, the venue was moved into an unusal location with sufficient space for all distance regulations: a riding arena. Hence, on Saturday the concert took place at the riding arena Braun in Eilendorf and on Sunday in the riding arena Dahmen in Aachen Vetschau. All seats were occupied when the orchestra and choir performed their prepared songs. Additionally, an important part of the concert was to collect funds for the flood victims in the region.

Choir and Orchestra of the Collegium Musicum presented: Prince of Denmark’s March (Jeremiah Clarke), a selection of German folk songs (Johannes Brahms), Cantique de Jean Racine (Gabriel Fauré), an american gospel song (Erik Frach), Verleih uns Frieden (Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) and the very famous Hallelujah from the Messias (Georg Friedrich Händel).