Winter 2021/2022


Orchestra concert

Musicians at the St. Dimitrios church in Aachen Copyright: © Jens Wieben

The winter semester 2021/22 demanded spontaneity and flexibility from the RWTH Orchestra and Choir. Because - until right before the concerts - it was not completely clear whether the concerts could actually take place due to the Corona situation. The choir and orchestra were all the happier that the concerts could be realized as planned this semester. The rehearsal weekend in Monschau also welded all the musicians and newcomers in the orchestra together. Especially in these moments everyone became aware that this coming together and making music together had been missed in the past semesters.

Except for a few rehearsals, which were cancelled in December for safety reasons, rehearsals were more or less normal. Of course, attention was still paid to the safety measures. Since the necessary distances could be kept in the main building of the RWTH, the orchestra was allowed to rehearse there during the semester. In addition, the program selection of the university music director Tobias Haussig was also adapted to the Corona situation. Works were selected in which certain groups of musicians were emphasized and others were excluded. Therefore, many rehearsals could take place in separate instrumentation, as well as some rehearsals in register division.

The orchestra's concerts took place on February 22 and 23 in the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of St. Dimitros. Due to lack of space, most of the safety distances within the orchestra could not be maintained. Therefore, all musicians were given a small black accessory to match their concert attire - a hygiene mask. But even this mask, which accompanies everyone every day in everyday life, did not stop the orchestra from playing successful concerts. The program proved to be varied, harmonious and homogeneous.

First of all, a work for strings by Carl Nielsen - the Little Suite, Masquerade by Aram Khatschaturjan, Suite Opus 4 by Edward Strauss for 13 wind instruments and Opus 5 by Victor Ewald were presented.