Voice Leading – Choir

  The members of the voice-leading team Copyright: Kelvin Hoffmann

We are your first point of contact for any questions, suggestions, or requests you might have within the various voice groups. We are happy to take care of a great variety of tasks, such as passing on important information to our own voice group, carrying out administrative work with regard to sick calls, coordinating training sessions for our voice type with our vocal coach Maria Regina Heyne, or selling sheet music at the beginning of the semester.

In addition, we are committed to giving all our new choir members a warm welcome and we make sure that they are comfortable with the way things work and are quickly integrated into our community.

There are two contacts for each voice type:

Charly Kühn Angeliki Pappas Soprano
Sophia Honecker Nikola Esders Contralto
Jan Bauer Felix Schmitz Tenor
Adrian Terheyden Daniel Brockmann Bass