Orchestra Rehearsal Schedule


Please note that rehearsals are held in German. Therefore, a basic vocabulary is needed to participate. We encourage you to learn as you participate.

If not stated otherwise, rehearsals take place at 7:30pm at Aula II, Computer Science Center, Ahornstrasse entrance. Please be there at 7:15pm to help with the arrangement.

STAND: 10.03.2019

Date Description
APRIL 2019
Mon, 01. First Rehearsal. New members and interested players welcome to take a look.
Mon, 08.

Rehearsal 02.

Auditions prior to rehearsal.

Mon, 15. Rehearsal 03.
Mon, 22. NO rehearsal (Ostermontag)
Mon, 29. Rehearsal 04.
MAY 2019
SAT, 04.


Mon, 06. Rehearsal 05.
Mon, 13. Rehearsal 06.
Mon, 20. Rehearsal 07.
Mon, 26.

EU Elections Day

Although we do have rehearsal on this day, we recommend each musician to make use of his or her right to vote. E.g. voting via post or going to the local eletions station prior to our rehearsal. Usually, this process only takes about 5 minues but is very important. For those still undecided: have a look at the Wahlomat or Wahlswiper apps to get a first overview of which parties might suit you best.


Until noon: rehearsals in groups in the orchestra and choir. after noon: tutti.

Mon, 27. Rehearsal 08.
JUNE 2019
Mon, 03. Rehearsal 09.
Mon, 10. NO Rehearsal (Pfingstmontag)
Mon, 17. Rehearsal 10.
SAT, 22. Chorbiennale only for Chor
Mon, 24. Rehearsal 11.

FRI, 28. to
SUN, 30.


JULY 2019
Mon, 01. NO rehearsal.
05. July 2019 CONCERT in Eurogress

This preliminary plan will be completed throughout the semester. To receive all updates, we highly recommend that you subscribe to our calendar feed.

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