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Do you...

  • ...enjoy making music with others?
  • ...have always wanted to experience a choir or an orchestra from an insider's perspective?
  • ...have already been involved in an orchestra or a choir in the past and are missing music now that you are at university?
  • ...don't think that classical music is to be discounted as old hat?

Then CM is just the right thing for you! Please come join our community of like minds, where students from all disciplines are working together towards a common goal. Experienced musicians are just as welcome as those who still have a bit of a journey ahead of them in that respect.

We just ask for a small contribution in return, an amount of 25 to 60 euros towards our expenses, depending on the scope of the extracurriculars program we put together that semester. It should also serve to emphasize the commitment that is necessary, having everyone show up for rehearsals regularly, so that the concert at the end of the semester will be a success.

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