About the Orchestra

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Hi – we're glad to see you here! We're happy that you are interested in the orchestra of Collegium Musicum and we will take this opportunity to show you who we are:

We – that is the orchestra – together with the choir make up the RWTH Aachen Collegium Musicum, or just CM for short. By this long, official name you can see that we are the official university ensemble of RWTH Aachen, but don't worry – we don't only count RWTH students, student assistants and professors among our members, but there are also many other music lovers from other Aachen universities. More specifically, you will find about 60 interested and dedicated musicians at our weekly Monday rehearsals during lecture period, whose common goal is to make music together – regardless of whether it is to compensate for stressful university routines or to just enjoy a hobby. The main thing is to have fun together while making music!

To bring our hard work at rehearsals to a fitting conclusion, we always perform two concerts towards the end of a semester's lecture period – that is either in January/February or in June/July. In the summer semester we have joint performances with the choir, which is why we partner with them on the program. With an ensemble that size we can realize some pretty amazing pieces of the musical repertoire.

If we have been able to arouse your interest and you would like to come make music with us (for instance as a nice creative outlet next to your studies), just contact us via or facebook.



Do I need to prepare something to join the orchestra?

To finally join our orchestra, it is necessary to participate in a small audition in front of the conductor and the leaders of the instrumental groups. For that, simply prepare a small piece with a length of about 5 minutes to give us an impression of your skill. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write us a mail.

Ist there a membership fee?

We, as all studentic/enthusiast orchestras, have a small "participation fee" of currently 25€ per semester. In semesters with an external rehearsal weekend, an additional contribution of 25€ for the weekend will be needed.


In case this is a (financial) problem for you, don't hesitate to speak to us. We'll try to arrange something as we don't think, that this should stop anyone from making music.