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When to join us

New and interested musicians are always welcome in our orchestra. Usually, in the first two rehearsals we give new members the chance to come and have a look in how we rehearse, and if we fit together. 

At the same time, usually the auditions take place for all of those, who want to join. See our FAQ for more info. After the auditions, it is difficult for us to accept new members. In this case however, we would kindly ask you to contact our members management team (see above) to figure out what to do. In the worst cast, we definitely welcome you in the following semester! :)



Mitgliederverwaltung Orchester



We're happy to see you interested! If you want to join us, simply write us a short mail with some info about you and your instrument.

Further Information about the orchestra and a small faq: About the orchestra

If you're interested, drop us a mail:

Please if you have any further questions.


Your next chance to join the orchestra:

Monday, October 07, 2019, 7:15pm

First rehearsal
organization and preparation since 7.15pm; rehearsal at 7.30pm (actual start; be ready!)
new members welcome to take part

Location: Aula 2 of RWTH Aachen